Green Choice
Protein Bread

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Of course it’s organic

Getting your packed lunch ready has never been easier. Our Organic Protein Bread is really tasty, and it’s rich in fibre and protein. Made with whole rye flour, soy, wheat protein, linseed and sunflower seeds, your next great sandwich is not far away!

This wonderful bread is sourced and baked in Germany, where they have been baking the most amazing rye bread for hundreds of years. All the ingredients are sourced in Germany.

250 g


  • DK/NO/SE
  • Vann, fullkornsrugmel (20%), hveteprotein (13%), linfrø (10%), grovt soyamel (10%), fint soyamel (4%), epleedikk, solsikkefrø (2%), hvetekli, eplefiber, havssalt, gjær.