Green Choice
Peanut Butter Squeeze

EU Organic Label

Of course it’s organic

Of course it’s organic

Oh-so-creamy Organic peanut butter made from the best peanuts and with just a pinch of salt to heighten that peanut buttery taste! No nasties – that’s a promise! Use the smooth paste as a spread, for baking, sauces or as desired. Just give the bottle a squeeze and you will have delicious creamy peanut butter wherever you desire!

Our peanuts are sourced in China, where they are really good at organic peanuts. We grind the peanut butter into a paste in Europe.

Shake and twist

Since our peanut butter is a natural product that consists of only two ingredients – peanuts and sea salt – and is neither homogenized nor added ingredients to bind it together, it often happens that it separates. This means that the natural oils from the peanuts settle at the top of the bottle, while the solids in the peanut butter accumulate at the bottom. Therefore, you must shake the bottle before using it. It’s quite simple: Just shake, and the peanut butter turns into a velvety cream. Open the lid and squeeze the peanut butter over the food. It does not get easier.

250 ml


  • SE
  • Rostade jordnötter (99,3%)*, havssalt.
    *Ekologisk ingrediens. Icke-EU-jordbruk. Kan innehålla spår av mandelhasselnötcashewnöt och sesamfrö.

    Användning: Jordnötssmör skiktar sig naturligt, skaka därför flaskan ordentligt före användning.