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Jackfruit Natural

EU Organic LabelKRAV LabelDebio Label

Of course it’s organic

An organic fruit that works as a meat substitute? Jackfruit is your friend! This huge, fibre-rich fruit from India has the consistency of meat. You can fry it, boil it or broil it in the oven, as you like. Just remember to add plenty of spice, as it doesn’t have much flavour otherwise.

We get our jackfruit from some of the best farmers in India. It is then shipped to Europe, where we pack it for you, ready to take home from the store.

200 g


  • DK/NO/SE
  • Jackfrugt* (100 %).
    *Økologisk/ekologisk/KRAV godkänd ingrediens. Ikke-EU-jordbrug/icke-EU-jordbruk.

  • FI
  • Jakkihedelmä* (50%).
    *Luomulaatua. Tuotettu EU:n ulkopuolella.